Glass Bead Shapes

Beads by ShapeBeads by Number
Fire Polished Rounds & OvalsB1 to B25
Fire Polish ShapesB26 to B50
CathedralsB51 to B75
GemstonesB76 to B100
Cut-TopsB101 to B125
Druks (rounds)B126 to B150
Fancy RoundsB151 to B175
Calf BrainsB176 to B200
Flat Rounds & LentilsB201 to B225
Flat OvalsB226 to B250
Potato ChipsB251 to B275
Smooth OvalsB276 to B300
3-Sided OvalsB301 to B325
Fancy Ovals #1B326 to B350
Fancy Ovals #2B351 to B375
Fancy Ovals #3B376 to B400
TubesB401 to B425
SatinasB426 to B450
SaturnsB451 to B475
RondellesB476 to B500
BiconesB501 to B525
Cones & TrianglesB526 to B550
Diamonds, Hexagons & CrescentsB551 to B575
Cubes & SquaresB576 to B600
Smooth RectanglesB601 to B625
Fancy RectanglesB626 to B650
Teardrops with Vertical HolesB651 to B675
Teardrops with Horizontal HolesB676 to B700
Teardrops with Top HolesB701 to B725
Interlocking ShapesB726 to B750
StarsB751 to B775
HeartsB776 to B800
LeavesB801 to B825
Flower Cups, Caps & BudsB826 to B850
Florettes & Flat FlowersB851 to B875
Exotic ShapesB876 to B900
All Things HumanB901 to B925
Edible TreasuresB926 to B950
Creeping AnimalsB951 to B975
Sea ShapesB976 to B1000
Space & Sky ShapesB1001 to B1025
Gaming, Christmas & Misc. ShapesB1026 to B1050
Large HolesB1051 to B1075
Two HolesB1076 to B1100
Glass MixesB1101 to B1137
B2000 to B2024
B2025 to B2049
B2050 to B2605

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